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Gold: the most pure and precious of metals as it does not age or tarnish. Therefore symbolically it has often been chosen to adorn or represent sacred entities like angels, holy people or the Egyptian RA. To make a thing sacred we have to sanctify it; to acknowledge it as holy ourselves. Living in a spiritual world where divinity is manifest in all things, what seems more appropriate than surrounding and enveloping those things in a shroud of pure gold. Thus in these works aspects of nature are vividly portrayed against a background of pure gold leaf, applied by hand in the traditional manner.

The symbol for spiritual rebirth in Ancient Egypt is the lotus, which grew  along the banks of the Nile and the tranquil reflecting ponds of temple precincts or private gardens. The lotus transcends the four elements having its roots in mud, its stem in water, its leaves rising through air, and its flowers opening to embrace the fiery heat of the Egyptian sun; RA. The same symbolism was later adopted by the Buddhist tradition, and the Buddha himself is often depicted seated upon a lotus flower, just as the Egyptian Nefertum thousands of years earlier. The Egyptian blue lotus grows close to the surface of the water and its sublime fragrance and the natural oil produced from it are still as highly prized today as they were in ancient times.