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The Ancient Egyptian texts speak of "all that is in Heaven, on Earth, and in the Duat." While we have a fair idea of what heaven and earth refer to, the Duat is basically the place where these two worlds meet: it is neither one nor the other, yet partakes of both and is more like a bridge or narrow doorway that connects the two. For them it is the place where dynamic change can take place, the transitional point necessary to move from earth to heaven, or vice-versa.

The Book of the Amduat (what is in the Duat) is a sacred text first recorded on the walls of a royal tomb in the 18th Dynasty, and in twelve hourly segments, it documents the night journey of the sun, RA, from the moment of his death at sunset to his miraculous rebirth the next day at sunrise. This book was the inspiration for the series of paintings which was first exhibited in Cairo in 2012. Following the division into 12 hours and the left-to-right movement of the Bark of RA, these paintings reflect my own night journey into the unknown and mysterious realm of the Duat.

After completing the first round of journey, some diverse aspects and episodes in the Duat are featured in a few smaller works, shown at the end of the original series. As the Duat is endless in nature, it needs to be returned to frequently, offering ever new flavours and experiences.

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